Welcome to BCD Travel New Zealand

BCD Travel New Zealand is locally owned but globally connected! We have a history of performance and a great passion for our business.

From our early days as the business travel division of Williment Travel Group, we have evolved into a successful Travel Management Company in our own right. We manage the needs of a diverse range of clients from sporting heroes to film stars as well as some of the largest and most recognisable global brands.

In a crowded market of travel companies, BCD Travel New Zealand is unique. Our diversity and the loyalty of our staff have allowed us to build strong commercial relationships with corporate clients, premier sporting organisations, key airlines, hoteliers and car companies. Trust, integrity and performance are the hallmarks of these relationships.

Our business, our culture and our values centre on our clients and our staff. We are proud to be a business that clients have come to depend on for consistent and reliable high quality products and services.

The difference between a good experience and a great experience can be the creative spark. Our team here strive to be original and resourceful when developing solutions to meet your travel needs. Above all, we aim to make doing business with us enjoyable!

Our attention to detail and consideration for our clients sets us apart from the competition. All staff are highly experienced, ambitious and determined to perform above expectation, making sure that you receive the best available specialist advice while enjoying the professionalism of all that is BCD Travel.


People, Culture and Values 

At BCD Travel we pride ourselves on our people focused culture. We foster a positive, motivating work environment with a passionate and hands-on leadership team. We believe that for our employees to succeed in their role, a sense of personal ownership in their work is essential. To achieve this, we ensure that our employees have all the necessary information, training, time and resources needed to get the job done, so that they can focus on producing their best work. We encourage a work environment in which people feel valued, empowered and part of our company.

BCD Travel’s Organisational Structure brings a wealth of business experience from within the travel sector and just as importantly from the broader commercial sector.

One of our greatest competitive advantages at BCD Travel is our Directors and Travel Consultants commitment to total quality. We select the most qualified Consultants and strive to retain them. We are proud to say that the current average tenure for our staff is seven years with a high retention rate of 95%.

Our highly trained team of professionals are here to service the requirements of our diverse client base. It should be noted that unlike other travel management companies, our consultant remuneration is not based on a Client’s profitability, but rather on meeting agreed Client SLA’s and KPI’s, Client retention and Client satisfaction.